July 2019

Here’s How to Earn & Build Customer Loyalty

Al companies do a million things to try and grow their business, however, have you ever thought about the true value of retaining the existing customers? According to survey analysis, up to 40% of total revenue in business comes from returning visitors. Similarly, it also costs more to acquire new customers rather than nurturing the […]

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Why Loyalty Programs Fail & Here’s How To Fix Them

From a retail store to giant companies, all businesses are offering loyalty programs to acquire more and more loyal customers. The more brand loyal customers a business has, the more it can earn profits. They tend to make repeat purchases with a specific brand, so the marketers would prefer to retain the customer base for […]

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Step By Step Guide To Creating A Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are everywhere these days; from giant businesses to local retail stores. Businesses now have understood that retain current customers are more profitable for a company rather than gaining new customers. In fact, according to a study, acquiring new customers costs five times more than nurturing existing customers. Hence, companies are investing more in […]

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