September 2019

The Evolution Of Loyalty Programs With Changing Times

A loyalty program is a structured and long-term marketing strategy that entices customers to make frequent repeat business with a certain product or service. Usually, the customer loyalty program offers unique benefits like discounts and other rewards. In fact, a 5% increase in customer loyalty is likely to increase profit per customer by 25% -100%. […]

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The Impact Of Loyalty Programs: Pros And Cons

Loyalty programs are intended to reward your best (loyal) customers. Businesses choose to execute a rewards program with an aim to retain their current customers and turn new buyers into loyal customers. Conventionally, many companies are practising rewards programs like rebate programs, cashback, earning points, and many more to incentivize purchases for customers. However, there […]

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Trends That Define The Future Of Loyalty

Innovative approaches are the key to entice customer participation. Businesses are adopting unique ways to keep their audience attracted to their brands, and loyalty programs are no exception. Companies are expanding loyalty programs in a customized way to acquire and retain more customers. But, what will be the future of loyalty? Will it have a […]

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