October 2019

Best Practices For Launching A Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are offered by different retail stores, restaurant and hotel chains. These are very much in vogue today as it helps in building a good customer relations and also facilitates in retention of customers in a better way along with of course increasing the sales of the business manifolds. Such programs exhort the customers […]

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The Future Of B2B Customer Loyalty

When we take and have a look at the budget of the majority of the companies that are competing at the top of the chart, it is seen that they devote a large percentage of their yearly budget to targeted advertising in a quest to covering new grounds. Now the question is: What happens to […]

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Loyalty And Referrals: The Things That Work

Loyalty programs and referral programs are closely connected, that’s why people usually confuse these two programs for rewarding the same thing. There are components of each type of program that can easily be twisted. A customer who brings referral businesses continuously, consider as a loyal customer. Likewise, some referral programs require customers to refer many […]

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