An Indian Perspective to Customer Loyalty Programs for FMCG companies

FMCG Loyalty Programs

Now each passing day FMCG companies products are becoming competitive and FMCG Loyalty Programs and daily spends are getting richer in volume. The FMCG enterprises are spending generously on finding some opt ways to connect and differentiate themselves from their peers. Maintaining constant connect with your customers due to fierce competition. In order to acquire a large chunk or customer base there are some quick and simple ways to conquer them:

Boost Usage:

To increase the utilization: In a manner of speaking, we have have a large volume to target already. However, we have reached a limit too; in attracting the right target audience. By opting the correct Loyalty Solutions for FMCG you can now boost usage volume to the next level.

Expand user database:

When it comes to FMCG firms, they have largely touched our lives and increased growth is an organic segment. Generally, the FMCG company product line is created according to the expectation of all family members.

Increase the variety of ways the product being used:

FMCG firms run thorough research for various product categories to find innovative ways to communicate to the customer exactly according to their buying preference.

The guidelines of engagement might be definitely distinct and the winner may be the one who:

  • Can hold their consumer.
  • recognize the consumer in terms of their desire.
  • Pre-empt the requirement and be geared up to meet them.
  • Able to take out extra value out of the wallet and create a win-win situation for all of the stakeholders.
  • usually be augmented in their imparting.
  • capable of providing the proper product at the right location on the proper time.

How are we able to reap the above goals whilst we don’t even know who our customers are and in flip who are the ones who sincerely devour our merchandise. organizations are spending millions of greenbacks to create logo cognizance however they’re now not capable of reaching the ultimate mile. What special they are able to do so one can invest their sources a great deal greater effectively and might advantage higher results. in my opinion, Loyalty programs for the customers may be an answer that’s applied to the middle can help in reaching the above-cited goals.

Execution points for Loyalty Programs:

While millions are the using of your product, how can we create a platform which could facilitate the low transaction-based totally loyalty applications? the solution lies in 900 million-plus cell telephony penetration.

  • Increase word-of-mouth marketing
  • Improve customer experience
  • Add value to business
  • Increase users’ lifetime value
  • Data management & analytical reports
  • Useful insights
  • Reduce user acquisition cost
  • Management and sales team rewards and point programs
  • Social media, email and mobile marketing
  • Promote new products to the regular customers
  • Delight customers with enthralling offers and best deals
  • Compel users to join membership programs

Bottlenecks in Implementation:

  • A clean and organized retail outlet can have an efficient management system which has integrated with all cellular companies under a single umbrella. which could integrate all of the cellular agencies under one umbrella.
  • Execution outcome of the sales and marketing team in terms of implementing the task throughout the country.
  • Transparency within the loyalty program.

Wrap Up:

We believe if the above loyalty programs can be planned with FMCG Loyalty Management System and, put into effect and executed by using a business enterprise efficiently. It will offer the brink which can’t be overwhelmed via opposition in a totally long term to come back. Furthermore, it’s going to assist in including the value for differentiators in the FMCG marketplace which has nearly reached the level of commoditization.

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