Brand Loyalty, in simple words, is the trust of consumers on a particular brand that inclines them to make repeated purchases, regardless of the convenience and change in the price points.

What are you providing to make the consumer loyal to your brand? Apart from providing quality products, the companies should also focus on best brand loyalty programs. LoyaltyXpert’s Brand loyalty programs help companies track every transaction taking place between a consumer and a brand to comprehend the consumer’s purchasing pattern. However, 87% of the consumers continue purchasing from the same company because they provide good loyalty programs.

Purpose of Brand Loyalty Program

  • Gauge the Consumer Purchasing Pattern
  • Improves Transparency
  • Strengthens the Customer-Business Relationship
  • Get a Chance to Promote New Products
  • Maximize Customer Retention
  • Increase Customer Spending
  • Increase User-Engagement Rate
  • Increase in Number of Customer Base

How Brand Loyalty Program Works

After identifying the appropriate brand loyalty program provider, the main focus of the business organizations is on designing a perfect campaign to influence user, employing Email or SMS for communication. Such campaigns assist in leveraging the email list and boost the retention rate to a great extent. Besides, it also increases the new signups by giving users a unique customer experience.

Loyalty Insights

  • Talking about Amazon and its effective loyalty program-Prime, on an average Prime subscribers spend $1700 annually. This evaluates to $117 billion in top-line revenue. [CIRP]
  • Today more than 90 percent companies are using some sort of user-engagement or loyalty programs to uplift the business growth [Accenture]
  • 82% of potential users with high emotional engagement would continue purchasing from the brand they are loyal to when making purchasing decisions. [Capgemini]
  • 26% of the consumers say trust and consistency are crucial for brand loyalty [Rare]
  • Quite often, general purchases are dependent on price (80%) and convenience (55%). Loyalty is about likeability (86%) and trust (83%) [Rare]

Maximizes ROI

The best brand loyalty solution offers the dynamism to make amendments in the program by understanding the buyers’ persona. It provides a seamless user experience for both the business and its customers which ultimately results in an increase in user-engagement rate and revenue generation.

Cross Platform

That’s the fact 80% of the profit comes from 20% of the loyal customers. Hence, it is important that loyalty program solutions should offer dynamism helping businesses manage and run programs whenever and wherever they are connected. The best brand loyalty program solution offers features like data management and analytics, powerful marketing techniques, and reward management that not only helps businesses in recognizing various consumer segments but also helps in learning the micro-moments that stimulate loyalty with the brand.

Why Choose Us for Brand Loyalty Programs?

LoyaltyXpert is a brand loyalty management company, a pioneer in providing the best solutions for loyalty programs. We aim at helping businesses, regardless of their sizes in developing or re-engineering the solution that best fits the needs. Our solutions range from cloud-based web solutions to mobile solutions that enable clients in accumulating accurate data important to boost the business growth. It also assists in maximizing the customer retention rate and improves customer experience. On top of it, having an expertise in running a business, our team also offers world-class consultation to vivid business verticals.
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