Case Study for Loyalty Program of Eminent Manufacturer

The client is India’s leading manufacturer of a range of electrical appliances
Category: Consumer Electronics

The client is one of the biggest players in India’s manufacturing industry. Started from a small retail shop, the company was established as a full-scale manufacturer after two brothers decided to expand their business. The company has set many milestones in its 38 year-long journey.

Today, Client owns a large network of distributors, retailers, and electricians. Commitment to quality and innovative approach have helped the client get the dominant position in Indian manufacturing sector.

The client believes in offering a handsome loyalty commission in a transparent manner to its distributors, retailers, and electricians aka the end users under a specific loyalty program. When the client contacted Ecosmob for the first time in March 2016 for ensuring a seamless operation of the loyalty program, our company came to know about the multiple issues faced by the client in distributing loyalty commission.

The client’s existing loyalty program had some flaws. The program offered coupons that the electricians found difficult to redeem. The client wanted to come up with the cash-based loyalty program, but then the cash disbursal via channel was not a good option as the cash should go directly to the hands of the end user. In a way, cash management system needed to be improved with a direct bank transfer.

The Solution
We analyzed the client’s business model and suggested to come up with a customized software that can take care of cash handling and loyalty program. In March 2017, we started implementing customized software. We also started identifying and registering the end users or say, electricians and divided them into two categories: smartphone users and non-smartphone users.

After getting their bank account details and verified through the KYC process, we gave two options for the electricians: app-based loyalty commission redemption and call center-based redemption. The latter option is especially useful for the non-smartphone users. The client told us to come up with a toll free number while developing a call center solution to eliminate the requirement of spending money for any assistance.

We integrated points management and 2D barcode (Or QR Code) scanning option for saving the end user’s time. The software can give a step-by-step information to the user and Ecosmob manages the software for assuring seamless performance as per mutual understanding with the client.

What we do
We manage the call center on behalf of our client for offering 24/7 assistance to the end users. The customized software solution is also managed by Ecosmob for assuring a seamless performance.

The Outcome
The client’s all issues related to the loyalty program are solved, and all the stakeholders, as well as the end users are happy with the proper software management and a seamlessly performing system with a complete transparency.

Benefits to the Client

  • Audit-friendly system with real-time transaction report
  • Every stage reporting for both the client as well as the end users
  • Bank records of every transaction
  • Easy reversal and cancellation in the case of malpractices
  • Real-time tracking of benefits received by the end user
  • Transparent and simplified process
  • End user-convenient system