How FMCG Loyalty can Improve Customer Engagement

FMCG Loyalty Solution

Customers, for FMCG industries, are faceless entities to be lured down the sales funnel with ads and discount offers. The sheer bulk of volume in terms of customers means that FMCG industries may not care if some customers switch brands because they assume more will hop onto their wagon. This approach may be self-defeating. If FMCG industries wish customers would stay loyal, they in turn need to show some degree of loyalty to customers. Customers could do with some wooing. It is worthwhile putting in place an FMCG loyalty solution to show buyers you care and for this, the best bet is to engage experts in FMCG loyalty solution development.

Go direct

Instead of going the traditional route of distributor-dealer-retail endpoint or a service center, FMCGs will find that customer engagement improves when they reach out directly and be accessible, especially to high value buyers. There is a whole lot FMCGs can do via FMCG loyalty solution to set up direct channels of communication. FMCG loyalty solution development experts put in place social media, email and instant messaging campaigns for better interaction and thereby influence customer behavior. Customer engagement improves when their views and inputs are sought as part of a program of ongoing changes. Consumer engagement increases to a higher level of commitment as emotional involvement deepens.


Customers appreciate the value of responsiveness as an indicator of loyalty of the FMCG brand towards which they have developed a commitment. Responsiveness ranks high in their minds and promptness is always appreciated when FMCGs actually listen and respond. This means employees at all levels in the FMCG need to be equally committed and responsiveness. The FMCG loyalty program includes training for employees and a rewards program to keep them engaged so that they, in turn, can keep customers engaged and happy. Happy customers buy again and recommend.


Personalization becomes a challenge when an FMCG has hundreds of thousands of customers. Still, it is possible through automation and smart technologies put in place by loyalty solution experts. This is based on intensive data gathering fed to the CRM and analytics and a program to stay in touch through personalized greetings as well as recommendations on purchases. Imagine the impact it has when a company employee addresses customers by name and knows their preferences. It becomes like a family that draws in customers in an emotionally engaging way.

It does not take a lot of effort for FMCGs to show they care and are loyal to customers. FMCGs can carry on with their routine business with a loyalty solution expert by their side to handle the program, reaping the benefits of customer engagement and more revenues.

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