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Our Team,
Our Strengths

Meet the innovative minds that dedicatedly work to satisfy our customers

Our Team,
Our Strengths

Meet the innovative minds that dedicatedly work to satisfy our customers

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Co-Founder & Director
Maulik Shah

A dedicated entrepreneur to the core, and experience of over a decade, he strongly believes in collaborative work methodology to achieve excellence in results. His approach of team empowerment and focus on customer needs has resulted in continuing excellence in the journey of Loyaltyxpert.

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Co-Founder & Director
Ruchir Brahmbhatt

With more than a decade of versatile experience, He has played a big role in building the organisation through delighted team members. Passionate about technology and it’s advancements, He believes strongly in continuous helping and nurturing team members. Under his guidance, the LoyaltyXpert team is always eager to deal with technology challenges.


Product & Technology Xpert
Ruturaj Maniyar
Chief Business Opportunity Xpert
Ajay Pareek
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Joining Our Team
What clients are saying about LoyaltyXpert
We have many firsts to our credit when it comes to the domain of loyalty. Loyaltyxpert enjoys high credibility with our customers. For us, every business is important whether small or big. Within our happy clients, We have some big brands and some not so big. One thing common with all – we are happy to work together today, tomorrow, and all times in the future.
Tara Paints & Chemicals
Creative Heads Inc.

The team of LoyaltyXpert are experts in the work they are doing. They have deep knowledge of business processes and marketing tools required by businesses. Their application has been developed covering all the aspects of marketing and scheming requirements in the current market and business scenario. This application provides complete end to end solution. We highly recommend LoyaltyXpert application to businesses that are seeking valuable insight into their customers users buying behaviour.

digisol (Demo)
Digisol Systems Ltd

The team of LoyaltyXpert has a deep, working knowledge of how business decisions are made within IT Networking. The research and experience are extremely valuable to any business that is seeking to improve the method behind making customer decisions. I would recommend LoyaltyXpert to any business that is seeking valuable insight and consulting to help them get more value from their customer