Great service is one of the biggest factor to sustain your customers for long. Though there are many automotive service areas in your vicinity but why a customer will prefer your center above all? Great service is one, what is the another biggest factor? Loyalty Program Solution. A commendable loyalty program solution can help you maintain a long lasting relationship with your valuable customers and compel them to visit your showroom or service center often.

Benefits Of Loyalty Program Solution in Automotive

  • Add value to business
  • Increase in customer retention
  • Increase in word of mouth marketing
  • Delight customers
  • Reduce investment in user acquisition
  • Increase in lifetime user value
  • Execute powerful retention strategies
  • Facilitates owner to promote new services
  • Data management & analytics
  • Provision of valuable insights

Why Choose LoyaltyXpert Your Technology Partner?

LoyaltyXpert offers a comprehensive,customised, and seamless loyalty solution that help you beat your competitors and gain your loyal customers.

  • Real Time Data Analysing & Reporting
  • Goal Evaluation
  • Encourage customers to buy your services often
  • Help create transparency and build a level of trust amongst your customers
  • Automate personalized emails for feedback and greet thanks after every visit
  • Promote rewards or complimentary gift system for friend referral
  • Frequent emails to inform about business activities or special offers
  • Improve Omnichannel Functionalities and various features on the basis of your business requirements
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