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Channel loyalty program solution

LoyaltyXpert is a comprehensive Channel loyalty program platform in India. Regardless of your business domain and size, we can deliver a solution that best fits your needs. We provide superior B2B loyalty program solutions to help engage & incentivize your businesses partners and discover real insights into customer behavior, needs, and expectations. With a better understanding of what leads to long-lasting trand partners’ relationships, businesses can accelerate their sales & marketing efforts and increase ROI.

What makes us unique?

We begin our journey with a thorough understanding of business organization structure and their expectations. At LoyaltyXpert, our professionals prioritize the selection of resources, technology, design & development. Besides, we make sure that all the quality standards and procedures are being followed properly. Our team continuously keeps in touch with businesses to understand their basic requirements at every level. Continuous collaboration is our way of keeping our customers updated on improvement plans. At LoyaltyXpert, our team diligently follows the continuous improvement process starting with:

Diagnosis & study of loyalty user behaviour

Continuous validation with different businesses

Evaluating results for improvements

Diagnosis & study of loyalty user behavior

Developing & upgrading program design to address the challenge

Deploying changes

Our mission

Established in 2017, LoyaltyXpert is an IN-based company. Founded by Maulik Shah (Co-Founder and the CEO at LoyaltyXpert), it works with the intent to assist customers in finding innovative solutions to their requirements. We provide an ecosystem where expert brains, cutting-edge technologies, and transparent processes thrive in symbiotic relationships to provide the best-in-class solutions. We believe in having continuous engagement with our clients to closely understand their diverse business needs so that we can deliver solutions that are beyond client expectations.

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