Invite Channel Partners for More Sales
Increases business revenue by retaining customers
Channel Loyalty
Client Success Story
Client improved user base with strong retention tactics
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Measure Success with Loyalty Programs
Analyses various metrics that provide accurate user info
Brand Loyalty
Improve Hospitality with Loyalty Programs
Leverage email communication to increase user base

LoyaltyXpert is a Loyalty Solution Provider in India which is managed by Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We believe in delivering the solution that best fits your needs. Develop remarkable loyalty program for small business and witness a rapid growth in your business.

More than providing loyalty program management solutions, we care to raise your brand

Loyalty Programs Solutions That Drive Precise Outcome


Help small, medium and big sized companies to escalate retention rate by 20-25%.
LoyaltyXpert combines advanced digital technology with top-notch consultation and post-deployment services as a Loyalty programs provider in India.
Increases trust of consumers on a particular brand
Improves channel partner relationship and empower selling
Adds value to business and improves the scope of profitability
Create loyalty program solutions as per your business needs

Customer Retention Strategies for Different Industries

Loyalty program is the key to unlock new opportunities for every industry. We have omnichannel loyalty program & rewards to reach the right customers at the right time. Learn the art of customer retention as per your business industry.
Leverage loyalty program solution to empower selling
Bridge the communication gap and connect with your B2B clients.
Witness increase in number of students enrollment and boost reputation.
Promote your services and increase the number of visitors.
Facilitate users with the apt gym packages to increase the user base.
Build a sense trust amongst the consumers to improve transactions.
Engage your customers in more sophisticated way for better margin.
Improve user base by understanding customers’ purchasing pattern.
Add value to visitors and convert them into loyal buyers.


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