Loyalty programs are highly in demand in various industrial sectors. Let it be Ecommerce, Medical, Media & Entertainment, Beauty or Hospitality. What matters the most is an increase in the customer retention rate. There are countless loyalty program solutions rolling out in the market to assist vivid business in improving retention rate with powerful strategies.

But these solutions sometimes fails to provide the outcome a business is looking for. Or, sometimes these solutions don’t meet the business requirements. So, how can you overcome these challenges? You can develop a loyalty program solution customized to your business needs and help your business grow and scale by leaps.

Major Types Of Loyalty Programs

  • Tiered Program
  • Points Program
  • Subscription Program
  • Punch Card Program
  • Non-monetary Program
  • Gamification
  • Voucher/ Coupon or Gift card

Loyalty Program Insights

  • 91% companies today employ some sort of user engagement or loyalty program [Experian]
  • 80% of company’s revenue comes from 20% loyal customers [Gartner]
  • A 5% increase in customer loyalty would increase the average per profit by 25% -100% [Fred Reichheld]
  • 85% of loyalty programs members prefer communicating with the most-liked loyalty program through online channels [Collinson Latitude]
  • 50% of the consumers changed their behaviour to land at a high tier within a loyalty program [Invesp]

Cross Platform

When it comes to customization, the type of solution, the features to add, the whole nine yards is dependent on the clients. It’s like implementation of your polished requirements. But whichever solution is developed is platform independent. Businesses can manage loyalty management solutions and run different loyalty programs across all the devices with the same user experience to make things easy. Besides, such solutions bring in more profit, increases 2X business productivity as businesses can operate anytime from wherever they are connected.

Why Choose Us for Customized Loyalty Solution?

LoyaltyXpert is an emerging custom loyalty program provider that excels in offering personalized loyalty solutions tailored as per your business requirements. We know what customers matter to you and your business and to retain them is one of the biggest challenges you face to be a level above in the competitive curve. Our solutions range from mobile to web helping our clients to employ the most profitable retention strategies from wherever they are connected. Our solutions provide accurate data in real time which help in setting futuristic goals. Besides, having experience in running a successful business, our team offers a top-notch consultation to vivid business verticals to uplift the business growth.

Let’s get connected to build customer retention strategy for your business