Our Features & Functionality

Find out how LoyaltyXpert offers feature-packed loyalty solutions
Tenant Admin Features
A Loyalty platform with multiple features yet so simple & easy to use. Tweak and refine the loyalty algorithm as suitable to further your goals. A new world of loyalty and engagement opens up through the dashboard.
The tenant admin, so to speak, is the backend where you can set up users in your organization and assign rights to them as well as set up and manage your clients and track their activity. You have a dashboard for total management, tracking, monitoring, and reports.
  • Simple yet sophisticated backend platform integrated with a mobile app for total loyalty management.
  • Create and manage profiles and users the way you want.
  • Manage customers, products, channels, schemes, run multiple campaigns
  • Define rules, deploy promotions, track performance and results
  • Mobile app to engage customers through multiple options in reward and recognition.
Product Management
Create multiple product groups, assign costs & loyalty points in just a few steps.
Customer management
Create multiple customer groups & keep tabs on customer engagement activities.
Role management
Create users, define roles, assign privileges, let users manage customer groups
User management
Create and manage users with feature-rich backend portal and dashboard
Refer and Earn
Reward users through online referral programs, let existing customers bring in more customers
Reach out to loyalty users with just one click in real-time and keep them updated
Loyalty and Redemption
Multiple options for Loyalty accruals and rewards managed online
Rules and Promotions
Define rules, plan promotions, deploy strategies with absolute ease and full control
Mobile App Features
The most efficient UI/UX makes it simple & easy to access multiple features in use. Mobile app users have access to real-time updated relevant data pertaining to their loyalty account status. A new world of loyalty and engagement opens up through the home screen dashboard.
The Loyalty app works in conjunction with the tenant admin console used in the backend. The app is the front end. You get customers (existing or potential) to download the app, register, and become part of the loyalty program. The activities on the app reflect in the tenant admin console.
  • Most simple yet impressive User Interface & Design improvised at regular intervals.
  • Ease of registration and login with authentication through OTP for security
  • Inbuilt Scanner programmed for QR code scanning for immediate loyalty accruals with security and accuracy.
  • Accumulated point balance exclusively visible on the home screen all times to keep track.
  • Regular updates through notifications, promotional messages as and when shared.
Redemption Reports
Updated redemption history is always available for loyalty users using this app
Loyalty Transaction Reports
Any time availability of historical loyalty transactions for users to check and validate.
Loyalty Points
Real-time refresh and updates on accumulated loyalty points a user can check at any time
Scan QR Code
Generate your own QR code for your multiple products
Profile Management
Let users create and upload profiles and view current profiles through this section.
Offers & Promotions
Attract specific customer groups with relevant offers and promotions displayed in the mobile app.
KYC Details
Auto KYC through aadhaar authentication and such other third party integrations.
Bank Details
Users can easily add a bank of choice for receiving online redemption in their preferred accounts
Revenue Growth
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Digisol Systems Ltd

The team of LoyaltyXpert has a deep, working knowledge of how business decisions are made within IT Networking. The research and experience are extremely valuable to any business that is seeking to improve the method behind making customer decisions. I would recommend LoyaltyXpert to any business that is seeking valuable insight and consulting to help them get more value from their customer decisions.

Tara Paints & Chemicals

The team of LoyaltyXpert are experts in the work they are doing. They have deep knowledge of business processes and marketing tools required by businesses. Their application has been developed covering all the aspects of marketing and scheming requirements in the current market and business scenario. This application provides complete end to end solution. We highly recommend LoyaltyXpert application to businesses that are seeking valuable insight into their customers users buying behaviour.