Empowering Channel Partners and Driving Growth through Reward Program.

Want to know how? Read the success story of Dream Wall Paints.

Dream Wall Paints Loyalty Program

Dreamwalls Paints Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2004 as a manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of paints and waterproofing products. It’s one of the most extensive paints and coatings manufacturers in Western Indian states such as Karnataka and Maharashtra.  Its one-stop solution for interior and exterior painting requirements and as well for commercial and residential. 

In the last 10 years, the company has created strong relationships with its customers in every market segment it serves for its extremely high-quality products. The company works closely with its customers to formulate waterproof coatings, industrial coatings, architectural paints, and wood-care products that have set new industry standards for excellence.


After understanding the requirements of what Dream Wall Paints is looking for LoyaltyXpert crafted a program that helps them with better business decision-making, be in direct touch with their painters and have more data in hand. 


After introducing them to the program and onboarding it, LoyaltyXpert’s team of experts created a program focused on their channel partners. The solutions which are offered to them were focused on based on their requirements and also keeping in mind what will help the business grow.


LoyaltyXpert’s technology helped Dreamwalls Paints create a loyalty program to reward loyal channel partners such as dealers, distributors, and painters.  The program helped the decision makers which areas to focus on based on their performance, such as volume of purchases, loyalty duration, and customer satisfaction ratings.  The other results of the program were: