Enhancing Financial Inclusion in Rural India: A Loyalty Program Which Contributes to Increasing the Footfall

India 1

Headquartered in Bangalore, India1 Payments Pvt. Ltd. has more than 13000 ATMs under the India1 ATM brand. India1 is the 2nd largest Semi-Urban and Rural (SURU) ATM brand. India1 Payments Ltd (formerly BTI Payments Pvt. Ltd.) is promoted by The Banktech Group PTY LTD & BTI Payments Singapore PTE LTD and was incorporated in 2006 and subsequently invested by India Advantage Fund S3 I, a fund managed by ICICI Venture Funds Management Company Limited in 2013.

It started with one goal: to reach most rural areas in India. India1 Payments developed solid local expertise in the POS industry before steadily expanding into ATM deployment and managed services and subsequently emerged as a leading White Label ATM operator.


Empowering rural communities with convenient access to financial services has long been a priority in India. In line with this mission, LoyaltyXpert successfully implemented a loyalty program to promote the use of ATMs in the country’s most remote areas. Customer retention being the key to this activity. 

This case study highlights our innovative approach to enhancing financial inclusion, fostering customer engagement, and driving economic growth in rural India. The idea was to provide rewards and cash back on every transaction made cash or cashless.  The significant challenges faced by them were:


India 1 had a particular requirement on what they require from their Loyalty program. To incentivize all the users who are visiting ATMs for cash or cashless transactions. The program is now fully automated and has users of more than 5M all over the country.

The program is called India 1 Digital. And the workings of the Loyalty Program designed for India 1 are as follows:


After understanding the requirements to increase the footfall in India 1’s ATM a fully automated and crafted for India 1 was introduced, India 1 Digital.

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