Valli Paints Moving from Excel sheets to the App-based Loyalty Programs

  • Valli Paints is a leading manufacturer of decorative and industrial paints, as well as a range of chemical products. Founded in 1993, the company has three main leading brands – Roalux, Amaze-Coat, and Hi-Tech – and is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. Valli Paints has two production bases in Chennai and Tirunelveli, which are used for testing raw materials, controlling the production process, and testing finished goods. This commitment to quality has made Valli Paints a trusted name in the industry, and has resulted in strong growth and expansion over the years.



  • Valli Paints Pvt Ltd collaborated with LoyaltyXpert for a fully automated Loyalty Program from a manual, complex, and outdated loyalty program.  LoyaltyXpert offered a simple plug-and-play SAAS solution that is fully automated and helps Varli Paints manage its loyalty program for better business. As automation is the key behind your leading competitors.
  • The program which LoyaltyXpert has solutions in many ways like efficient management of frequent buyers, connecting the new potential buyers, marketing the newly launched products, QR code generations of every inventory, reward allocation, and giving them a chance to earn more profit with every purchase from Valli Paints.  


  • After understanding the requirements of Texmo Pipes and how early they wanted to start the loyalty program for Texmo Pipes. LoyaltyXpert crafted a program which is called Texmo LoyaltyXpert. The program is now fully automated and trouble free for the end users as well. With this we can trace new influencers who are joining business and their activities as well. The achieved results are