Smart Nodes Onboarding 1500+ Channel Partner Through Loyalty Program With LoyaltyXpert

Smart Node

Smart Node is a division of Vertical Dots Technologies, which began operations in 2015 and offers industrial IoT solutions to improve manufacturing facilities. Five years later, it invented Smart Node Automation Pvt. Ltd. to enhance its home automation product portfolio. Smart Node is one of the fastest-growing home automation system manufacturers in India.

The Vadodara–based company enables power and connectivity for various devices, including CCTV cameras, wireless broadband radios, Wi-Fi access points, and IoT sensors. The company has more than 15,000 app users and a presence in over 10,000 smart homes, and more than 20 Indian states. 


Smart Node was already using a loyalty program before they were onboarded with LolaltyXpert’s program. They were manually managing a program that was very time-consuming and lengthy to track.


After understanding the requirements of Smart Node Automation, LoyaltyXpert created the “SmartNode Partners App”, a SaaS-based loyalty program to reward the loyal channel partners of SmartNode. This program empowers the channel partners to earn reward points on the purchase of SmartNode products, and the points can be redeemed against different methods of redemption.


With a SaaS solution integrated with SmartNode’s existing infrastructure, Smart Node is now enabled to onboard 15000+ channel partners and run seamless loyalty programs across India.