Fully-Automated & integrated PAAS Solution redefining Loyalty Programs for Taralac Paints

  • Founded in 1977 Taralac Paints is one of the most significant influencers in the paint and chemical industries. The first paint company who has been awarded “ ZED Certification”. The manufacturing unit is spread in 25000 sq ft at their new industrial location which has been set up in the year 2017. The company serves in the paint field and with that, they serve in wood coatings, machinery, and engineering, high-temperature and coatings, packaging OEM coatings to name a few. They have more than 15000 influencers in India, working with 700 industrial customers with 36 branches in India.


  • When LoyaltyXpert approached Tara Paints and Chemicals for a Painters Loyalty Program they had a few challenges with which they were mainly concerned. The program is PaaS based and is customized according to their requirements. Their main requirements were:


  • After understanding what they are looking for from their loyalty program, LoyaltyXpert has crafted a PaaS-based customized program which is called Tara Paints Production. The program has been a hit among painters and there are more than 15000 influencers who have joined the program and are successfully using it. It’s easy to register on the portal. The crafted program of Tara Paints Production is enabled with these features: 


  • With PAAS solution integrated with Taralac’s existing infrastructure, now Taralac is enable to on-board 15000+ Channel Partners and running seamless Loyalty Programs across India.