A Journey Towards Dominating the Market with VIR Loyalty!

VIR Laminates


A prominent laminate manufacturer in India who brings a legacy of remarkable artistry, craftsmanship, and matchless quality. They offer myriad collections of highly scratch-resistant, resilient, durable, and compact laminate sheets. With more than 50+ textures and 500+ designs, Vir Laminates empowers its clients with the flexibility to get the desired designs by presenting an extraordinary and all-around selection of customized decorative laminate sheets.  

They have set a standard in the market with their cutting-edge lifestyle elements which makes them leaders in driving innovation at work. With a production capacity of 3.9 million sheets every year they have a presence in more than 51+ countries all over the world. 


When people need furnishing they need a carpenter to get the work done and whatever he recommends we go with that. So as a manufacturer, you have to make sure that you are your carpenter’s first choice and that they choose your products over your competitors. With this mindset and a little bit of market study, Vir Laminates was approached by LoyaltyXpert to start a loyalty program, especially for their carpenters, channel partners, and retailers. The major concern for Vir Laminates was to adopt QR based loyalty program or Purchase Receipt Loyalty Program.


The requirements which were stated by Vir Laminates were simple and technical. They wanted a program that will help them get data about the requirement and understand the demand for the products. This program called “VIR LOYALTY” was launched for channel partners to earn points and redeem them against different methods of redemption. 


After the implementation of the program the team was aware of the distribution channel which helped them with the decision-making process. A program was designed in a manner that helped everyone involved, a win-win situation for everyone.

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