Channel Loyalty programs are designed for companies assisting them to engage umpteen channel partners who can further help in selling their products and services. Channel partners can be distributors, resellers or retailers.

Is your team ready to manage channel partners? Channel Loyalty Management programs from LoyaltyXpert help companies to create an awareness about their products amongst the distributors, resellers or retailers. Furthermore, such loyalty programs improve channel relationship management and also empower product selling by combining standard loyalty practices with cutting-edge retail technology.

Purpose Of Channel Loyalty Program

  • To strengthen the presence on all the channels you are connected for product promotion
  • Provide a seamless experience to all the users regardless of the devices they owe
  • Help peers to stay updated with product related information to resolve customer queries better
  • Manage sales channel relationship to boost brand awareness, improve customer experience, improve long-term relationship and win true loyalty from customers
  • Design personalized incentive programs and communication to boost sales and product promotion

How Channel Loyalty Program Works

Being an entrepreneur, you would want to be everywhere your customers are. Isn’t it? You can now do this by choosing the right channel incentive program solution for your business. This helps in;

  • Segregating the channel partners according to the recent and long-term relationship
  • Provides useful insights on channel partner investment
  • Boost targeted communication at every level of the loyalty program, from brand awareness to alignment and endorsement
  • Designing a multi-dimensional reward structure on the basis of participant research, incorporating a gamut of rewards to encourage prime channels

Channel Insights

  • Brands with effective omnichannel user-engagement programs drive 89% customers compared to brands with poor omnichannel retention program that drive 33% customers [Invesp]
  • Over 35% of the customers would like to contact the same customer service representative on any channel [Zendesk]
  • Influencing customers by understanding their purchasing pattern not only maximizes the customer satisfaction rate by 20% but also uplift the revenue up by 15% while reducing the cost of customer service as low as 20% [McKinsey & Company]
  • 33% of the consumers would recommend a brand that offers quick and efficient response [Nielsen-McKinsey]

Maximizes ROI

There is no specific strategy to increase ROI through such loyalty programs. Advances in technology may introduce some effective features that help companies in upsurging the customer retention rate, what matters is customer experience. A seamless customer experience (CX) not only improves user engagement rate but also builds a trust amongst the user. Hence, combining a seamless customer experience with an appropriate loyalty program solution will assist in executing the loyalty strategies at the right time to improve customer retention rate and increase ROI.

Cross Platform

It is proved that channel partners expand the scope of business profitability and increases sale. Therefore, it is crucial to develop channel loyalty program solution that is operated from any device. A reliable and right channel loyalty program solution helps you pick and connect with the partners that are a real deal. Besides, it offers features like data management and analytics, channel partner reward management, channel acquisition and retention, registration, etc providing a unique experience of end-to-end channel partner loyalty programs.

Why Choose Us for Channel Loyalty Programs?

Being an emerging channel loyalty program provider, LoyaltyXpert know the importance of customers to a business. Thus, in addition to development, designing, deployment and re-engineer solutions we also offer top-notch consultation from our experts. Our solutions span from the cloud-based web to mobile solutions that provide accurate data used to design strategies and set futuristic goals.

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