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“It matters whose company you keep…you are known by it”

LoyaltyXpert is a division of Ecosmob, global leaders in enterprise-grade VoIP technologies, software development, and outstanding artificial intelligence solution providers. LoyaltyXpert inherits the genes of Ecosmob powering our loyalty platform. Customers are the priority for us and their success is our reward. Just as we help you build lasting bonds of loyal relationships with your customers so do we believe in building long term customer connections based on delivering satisfaction. The ethos forms the weft and warp of the fabric of our company and when you engage us you get a loyal partner to power your loyalty programs with the help of technology.

Our priorities guiding our actions:

Promote loyalty as the best business tool for any and every industry segment. Loyal customers do more for you and we are on a mission to help businesses transform operations with this fine tool.

  • Provide support, enthuse and motivate clients
  • Resolve issues, innovate & craft loyalty programs
  • Convince customers to spend on loyalty brings rewards
  • Stand by customers in every way
  • Results are what we aim to deliver
  • Stand by customers in every way
  • Explore new ways to gain loyalty
  • Research markets, research people, know what trends are
Digisol Systems Ltd

The team of LoyaltyXpert has a deep, working knowledge of how business decisions are made within IT Networking. The research and experience are extremely valuable to any business that is seeking to improve the method behind making customer decisions. I would recommend LoyaltyXpert to any business that is seeking valuable insight and consulting to help them get more value from their customer decisions.

Tara Paints & Chemicals

The team of LoyaltyXpert are experts in the work they are doing. They have deep knowledge of business processes and marketing tools required by businesses. Their application has been developed covering all the aspects of marketing and scheming requirements in the current market and business scenario. This application provides complete end to end solution. We highly recommend LoyaltyXpert application to businesses that are seeking valuable insight into their customers users buying behaviour.


We are pragmatic, level headed, realistic, and look to resolving solutions rather than magnifying problems.Customer is our life, the breath of our business. We value each one. Be honest, ethical and transparent at all times. Try to do the best to achieve results that please our customers and customers of our customers.
Respect – everyone deserves and gets it. We are part of a great universe and lives are interconnected.


Say hi to our head honchos who lead a team of loyal, committed staff working in cohesion,
coherently and cogently for customers’ success, confluencing technology with wisdom of
experience, polished by expertise of knowledge – all at your service.

Ajay Pareek
Chief Business Opportunity Xpert
Ruturaj Maniyar
Product & Technology Xpert
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