Here’s How Personalization Can Boost Your Loyalty Program

As the market competition is increasing day by day just offering a quality product or services is not enough. More precisely, ordinary rewards are not making much difference to retain loyal customers for a business. Hence, companies are inventing new ways to retain more customers through loyalty programs. Have you noticed that when you present personalized services to customers, they feel more satisfied?
Well, in most cases, customers delight with the personalized services and they form a strong connection with a brand or business. This emotional connection allows them to remain loyal with a product irrespective of market competition, the price of the product, or any other factor. As long as they are receiving personalized services, they are likely to stay connected with your business. According to a survey near about 80% of customers are likely to make a frequent purchase with a product or service if they receive personalized services.
But, the main concern is how to deliver personalized services that lead the loyalty program to be successful?
What are the ways to boost loyalty programs through personalization?
Are there any specific strategies?
Go through this blog, and you will get the answer. This blog focuses on ways to promote personalization to enrich the success of a loyalty program.

  1. Utilize the analytical data

Analytical data plays an important role to deliver personalized services to customers. Often, brands recognize a lot of disconnected data, but when you can build individual customer profiles and consistently update those profiles, you could build more powerful relationships with customers over time. Collect as much information as you can about the customers. The demographics information is essential to personalize their experience. For instance, if your consumer base includes women, you can offer a special offer on mother\’s day of women\’s day to entice their engagement with your brand. Targeting a larger demographic with a specified message that is personally relevant helps to promote a loyalty program.

    2. Personalized dashboard

Designing a personalized that is omni compatible dashboard for each customer is more beneficial to cater to their distinct needs and wants. The dashboard overview allows a consumer to view their past purchases, loyalty points, or potential rewards. With the formulation of a dashboard or personal homepage, you are actually creating something that approached individually to the customer.
Further, you can customize each dashboard by adding name displays for each buyer, enabling them to add their personal information like birthdays, anniversaries, and other details. This information will help you send them messages during their special occasion and make a strong relationship with them. Moreover, the idea of creating a dashboard is imperative when you want to offer personalization to promote loyalty programs. It helps to distinguish customers\’ behaviours and enable you to offer customized services to potential customers.

  3. Increase social media engagement

Even though automated data collection and sending personalized emails play a vital role in an effective personalization strategy, engaging with your target audience on social media is yet another compelling way to connect them with your business.
You can easily promote loyalty programs on social media and let the audience know about the rewards and perks you are offering to them. Also, send personal instant messages to increase interactions with them. This proactive on social media can have a significant impact when the prospects make their buying decision.

  4. Customized email

Emails are one of the most efficient ways to connect with the audience. But, an average person deals with number emails each day, your email should be distinct enough to increase its open rate. Otherwise, you will not get benefits out of sending emails. Hence, focus on personalizing loyalty emails in order to make your company stand out.
According to a survey, customized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. So, it is advisable to use your loyalty program data to go a step further, nevertheless, deliver emails emphasizing products or categories each consumer has shown interest in previously, or use predictive analytics to discover which marketing messages are most persuasive to inspire the customers to purchase.

  5. Offer relevant recommendations

Offering relevant recommendations to your customers is essential to offer them the most personalized experience, Based on their past purchases, you will be able to offer most precise personalization and encourage them to form a bond with your brand.
If you are handling an ecommerce business, you can suggest customers other related products when they buy a product. For instance, when a consumer buys a cell phone, you can suggest its cover, headphones, insurance, etc. These suggestions will not only reduce their efforts to find other products but also increase sales. As per a survey, shoppers who clicked on recommendations are 4.5x more likely to add items to the cart and make a purchase of the products.
In short, personalization is the key to making your loyalty program successful. It helps to deliver a value-added experience to the potential customers and forms a strong emotional connection between brand and end-users. Hence, offer customized services to the target customers and boost loyalty program’s success!
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