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How to Engage Plumbers to Boost your Business Sales

If you are in the plumbing industry, then you must have come across the famous tagline “Not all plumbers are created equal.” You would agree to this, wouldn’t you? Some are more experienced, professional, proficient, and trustworthy than others. But every one of them has something in common—they’re the backbone of the industry and the most important influencers in it.

When people need some plumbing work, they call a plumber and give them the responsibility to do the work. If they need certain plumbing fixtures, the plumber recommends the brand name. Sometimes, they also purchase the products for the end-users. So plumbers either influence customers’ buying decisions or make the purchases themselves.

If you are a plumbing equipment manufacturer or a B2B marketer in the sector, you need to know the most relevant things about your plumbers to craft effective influencer loyalty programs for them. You need to be extremely particular about your rewards and incentives for various plumbers.

At LoyaltyXpert, we create a wide array of well-designed and effective influencer loyalty, brand loyalty programs, and channel loyalty programs for a wide array of companies in the plumbing industry. Leveraging our sophisticated loyalty solutions, we have forged longstanding relationships between many prestigious plumbing brands and their partner plumbers.

In this blog post, we discuss what relevant things you must know about your plumbers to design the most appropriate and effective electrician loyalty programs. Read on to know more.

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How to know your plumbers better?

Plumbers are regarded as everyday heroes who fix plumbing issues and protect public health. But at the end of the day, they are human beings who have their unique needs, aspirations, and motivations. Plumbing equipment manufacturers must always keep that in mind while dealing with them.

Understand the psychology of your plumbers

It’s a fact that a majority of plumbers will stick to a particular brand that provides robust loyalty programs and the buying decisions of most of them are strongly linked to their ability to earn incentives. To design an effective plumber program, brands must understand the psychology, behaviors, and mindset of their partnering plumbers.

As per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, a human being has five main needs—physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization. Like any other professionals in other fields, plumbers do their work to meet their physical and psychological needs, to be admired and respected, and to be successful in their work. Based on their aspirations, you must design your reward programs.

You must never expect all your partner plumbers to value the same rewards and create a one-size-fit-for-all program. Some tend to focus more on cash rewards so that they can enhance their income level, while some are driven more by non-cash rewards such as point-based or tier-based memberships, workshops, conferences, and more such incentives that will not only provide them with tangible benefits but also make them feel special.

That’s the reason you must know the key motivators of their partner plumbers to create the right plumber influencer loyalty programs for them. Choosing a sophisticated and reliable loyalty platform will enable you to tailor effective loyalty rewards for the plumbers effectively.

You must also realize that a majority of plumbers may not be conversant with complicated technology so you must make sure that the enrolling process is less complex and more user-friendly. This is where an advanced loyalty platform can help you to enroll the right plumber partners in the loyalty program. Apart from that, investing in reliable loyalty software can help you provide your influencers with in-depth product knowledge and training so that they remain ahead of the curve.

Provide a sense of belongingness and deliver exceptional value

After understanding the psychology and key motivators of your partner plumbers, you must make sure that you provide them with superior value to keep them engaged with your brand and retain their loyalty for a long time.

After the physiological and psychological needs of people are met, the need for belongingness becomes dominant. That’s why successful brands create vibrant communities of influencers and customers where they can freely engage with each other.

To take your influencer loyalty program to the next level, you should create a community for your plumber partners where they can get to know your brand better, discuss and share knowledge and brand experiences, and provide feedback and suggestions.

A superior loyalty platform will make it extremely easier for you to create a strong community and provide timely support. To deliver superior value, ensure that your partner plumbers can reach your team anytime they want.

Concluding lines

Being the most important influencer in the plumbing industry, plumbers play a huge role in shaping customers’ purchasing decisions. To remain ahead of the competition and drive more sales and revenue, it’s prudent for plumbing fixture manufacturers to invest in plumbing influencer loyalty programs. At LoyaltyXpert, we can help you design successful loyalty programs and retain the loyalty of your partner plumbers for a long period. To know how we will do it, contact us today.