Transaction Data Generation Through LoyaltyXpert

Transaction data is crucial for each business. Whether you want to make a next move or increase sales, it is useful. When you want to produce key insights about a potential target audience, transaction data is crucial—the data helps in understanding the buyer’s journey, their preferences, and many other important details. More precisely, transactions data reports are necessary for businesses in many ways, such as;

  • Determine the elements that boost sales
  • Analyze reward section (whether it is right or not)
  • Understand traders\’ buying habits
  • Find out the revenue generating locations/ periods, and so on.

Once you have accurate details about how, when, what types of transactions are taking place through your loyalty program, you can uncover many insights. This will help in taking strategic actions to level up your business.

LoyaltyXpert offers the most compelling loyalty management platform that enables the generation of various types of reports for transaction data. We have developed such unique loyalty program software that helps our clients to generate various reports and analyze the data to boost revenue.

Now explore the key ways to produce various types of transaction data through the loyalty program.

How to generate transaction data with our loyalty program software

1. Product category

LoyaltyXpert allows you to generate transaction data with various types of product categories. When you have multiple products and understand which products are in demand, the transaction data report will help.

2. Loyalty type

When you are offering more than one type of reward in each transaction, you will have the facility to find transactions through loyalty type.

3. Customer ID

You can also generate a transaction analysis report through customer ID. This will help in understanding which traders are making frequent purchases. Here you will have the opportunity to identify the frequent buyers. So, you can serve the traders differently and make them feel valued.

4. Location-wise

Another important way to fetch translation data is by location. LoyaltyXpert\’s solution allows generating a report based on various locations. For instance, your potential traders are across the country, and you want to know the purchases within a few states/cities. Our loyalty program software allows you to generate multiple transaction data reports based on different locations.

5. Time-duration

Here you will have the opportunity to generate transaction data reports for specific dates. When you want to explore which months are the peak for the sales and low sales, you can generate a date-wise report through our exclusive loyalty program solution.

6. Transaction type

Finally, you can analyze transaction data through the transaction type; debit or credit. This will help you to understand which types of transactions are preferred by the potential trade partners.

LoyaltyXpert offers customized loyalty program solutions that cater to the need to channel loyalty. While you have multiple traders or influencers to promote your products/service in the market, it is essential to have robust software that tracks essential metrics efficiently. This data eventually helps businesses to level up their growth by generating more revenue. From understanding traders\’ buying patterns to identifying the scope to promote your business, the transaction data can help.

Connect with us to know more about how LoyaltyXpert\’s loyalty software solution can generate insightful statistics for your business and help you achieve new business goals.