Two Sides of the same coin : Customer Loyalty and Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement and loyalty are vital in terms of retaining your best customers. The happier your clients are, the better your common ROI might be. Why do you think customer loyalty management company is so essential in today\’s hyper-personalization era. Let\’s understand how customer loyalty and customer engagement. why is it so important and how to boost your success by understanding your customer better.

Do You Know What is Client Engagement?

Customer engagement is all about creating a great relationship with your customers. You want to connect with your customers at all levels such as emotional and practical level to earn their loyalty through some amazing customer loyalty solutions. Loyal customers will love your brand purchase often and even recommend their friends and family. In fact, this is what changes your brand\’s perception and awareness and also your winning factor. At LoyaltyXpert we believe that your customers may really be the best advocates of your brands, which immediately boosts your ROI.
Like every brand, you want to connect with customers on a personal level which will grow your business exponentially. There are many levels on how you can keep your customers engaged and loyal towards your brand.

So What is Customer Loyalty?

Higher Customer Engagement = More Customer Loyalty. The secret to this is understanding that not all customers are the same. Hence, focusing only on your best customers and partnering with one of the best customer loyalty program providers will assist you to understand your customers well. This program will help you understand your customers age, preference, behavioral clues and dislikes too. Taking a deeper dive to an effective customer loyalty program is very vital in today\’s era of the hyper-competitive world of brands.

Understanding different types of Customer Loyalty:

  • Emotional Loyalty – These customers do not buy because of incentives, discounts, freebies etc but rather for things like customer service, trust, philanthropy, and a strong brand story
  • Behavioral Loyalty – These customers keep buying the same products based on their convenience and purchasing behavior instead of some sale or emotional connection.
  • Rational Loyalty – This loyalty is purely based on the transactions where customers are looking for the best deals, discounts, and offers for that specific product.

Making customer service a priority

Powerful Customer Relationship Management means clearly organizing your business needs according to your customer\’s needs. Your plans are to be set across platforms on 4 levels to acquire maximum outputs. Ensure to address all those areas which your customer face problems or challenges. Give them the power of choice so they can make decisions independently. Understand how and when your customers buy; use this data to target customers effectively to create repeat purchases. Understand your customer behavior and look for opportunities to woo your customer furthermore with an exceptional level of customer service showing them how special they are.

Essentials of customer care

Some essential ways to ensure your customer doesn\’t suffer inconvenience during the buying process is your prime priority. Concentrate on only providing high-quality customer care. Pick only credible suppliers and vendors to be confident to supply well. Make sure you have enough capacity to deliver as promised and a powerful logistics and shipping options. Set up a quality check process in place to deliver orders and provide quality service. A pleasing shopping experience makes your customer feel good about your brand and recommend others too. Choose appropriate communication channel to keep the customer always informed and updated. Make it easy for them to be able to speak to your customer service department or sales easily.

\” Keep Your Promises but Exceed Expectations\”

Encouraging customer feedback

Plan to have a survey and feedback system with each purchase. Ask your new customers to make you better. Setup customer hotline or customer care number without fail. Get quick, simple and easy online feedback encouraging customers to engage with their concerns. Gathering such data will give a deeper understanding of customer complaints and pain areas. Thank your customer to share their feedback with you. When you bring in the professional Customer Loyalty management Company they work their magic to boost your customer loyalty and keep your customer engaged creating a trusting relationship with your customers.

Word of caution: Most complainers want to just make a point to you. But- If you do not listen or respond defensively – the complaint will definitely escalate. The customer will not continue to buy from you again. This may also discourage them to return or even worse they criticize your brand publicly.

Customer loyalty programs

A successful loyalty program is totally worth it if a Customer Loyalty Programs Provider encouraging more regular purchases. Generally, retail businesses offer loyalty schemes and rewards which works its magic on all festivals, holidays and almost every month. The customer today love discounts, flat off, deals, cash-back or freebies. The loyalty is too designed in that fashion to get maximum results for your brand.

Why Emotional Loyalty Matters :

“Loyalty is an emotion, not a transaction”

Sum Up:

It’s all about the customer loyalty which comes along due to a proper process followed for customer loyalty program. Speak to our LoyaltyXperts about the loyalty programs your business needs and levarage the ROI.