brand loyalty program

What is Brand Loyalty and Why Your Brand Needs it?


The process of acquisition and retaining customers is crucial for any business. You may be a start-up, small, medium, or large enterprise, but all you worry about is the inflow of customers and their duration of engagement with your brand. Thus, companies struggle to get the best out of their strategies to attract customers from all walks of life. The branding strategies often start with questions like our products and services, how we can market our products and services, etc. This helps companies to segment the business channels and employ great branding strategies. One such strategy is to depute an effective brand loyalty program for your business. It is the talk of the town, with more than 91% of customers already associated with one or the other loyalty programs.

#1. Brand Loyalty Programs- Perfect for Business markets

The brand loyalty program creates a positive feeling towards a brand and encourages the customer to have a long-term association. Thus, these programs are perfect for the business markets that struggle in implementing the customer market strategies for their business. Customer markets are full of demanding customers and have multiple players when it comes to service providers. The prices of the products or services are nearly equal, and hence companies can bet on different strategies to attract customers. There is less variation in the requirements or needs of the customers.

The business markets, on the other hand, have fewer customers. The majority of the business market customers require highly customized tailor-cut products or services that require strict revision at the company end. The business markets thus need to be specific in creating such desired products and delivering the same to their customers. The fewer customers create huge investments in the businesses that require proven brand loyalty programs to make them stay with you.

#2. Delivering your Brand Loyalty Programs

Creating a brand loyalty program is a daunting task, but communications about it to all your prospective and existing customers is even more difficult. Multiple marketers face agony as they’re busy creating values for their business but forget to communicate these strategies to the end-users. The value of benefits should be communicated well to the customers to ensure that the policies strike a balance between the providers and the users. The communication of different brand loyalty programs in business markets or the customer market is crucial to acquiring customers and developing a list of loyal customers.

#3. Brand Loyalty Programs are Good for Businesses

It is not only about attracting and retaining customers. A quick fact check reveals that:

  • There is an increase in profits by 25-95%, increasing 5% in customer retention by brand loyalty programs.
  • 74% of the global participants of the brand loyalty program agree that these programs make them feel connected with the businesses.
  • 67% of customers agree that they buy more frequently when they’re provided with brand loyalty programs.
  • 64% of the US brand loyalty program participants say that they modify the buying amounts to maximize their loyalty point purchases.

Any business struggling to make good profits at minimal investment and operational costs can shelter brand loyalty programs. These strategies are one of the top marketing strategies that manipulate the market positively for the specified customer to provoke more buying. With more than 72% of the customers recommending the brand loyalty programs to all their friends and colleagues, it is a silent marketer for your business. Thus, from generating profits to brand marketing to the improved buying experience, there is nothing that these effective loyalty programs can’t do for your business.

#4. Turn Switchers into Valuable Customers

There are four types of buyers in the industry, i.e., most valuable customers, commodity buyers, partners, and underperformers. Thus, any business should invest time and money to migrate different customer categories to the highly valuable category. The solution providers shouldn’t give themselves the unnecessary privilege that they understand their customers. All you need to do is implement considerable discipline in the planning and executing of your brand loyalty programs. Never push the features of your customized solutions but go for the value of the brand association. You can invest in the details about your brand loyalty programs to make them aware of what they’re missing out on.

Wrapping Up:

The business of a brand loyalty program comes with a silver lining of minimalist investment and maximized results. This, however, is only possible when the loyalty programs are designed, implemented, and executed in the right direction. 56% of customers believe in customer service, 66% believe that value for money and 74% believe that product quality drives brand loyalty. Thus, all you need to do is create a knowledge base of your customers, their expectations and start working to deliver the same with your high-end brand loyalty programs.