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Why Loyalty Programs Fail & How To Fix Them

From retail stores to giant companies, all businesses are offering loyalty programs to acquire more and more loyal customers. The more brand-loyal customers a business has, the more it can earn profits. They tend to make repeat purchases with a specific brand, so the marketers would prefer to retain the customer base for a profitable business. Get a more comprehensive guide on a loyalty program the article will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the same.

As mentioned loyalty programs are booming these days due to various reasons. No business wants to lose its current customer base at any cost. Therefore the reward programs are designed to offer perks to the consumers and keep them connected with a brand. There are several types of loyalty programs available that work on the basic aim to retain existing customers.

However, sometimes, loyalty programs fail. They do not produce the expected result for a company. But, what causes the failure? It may be the program did not launch at the right time or the terms & conditions were not clear, etc.

Why Do Loyalty Programs Fail?

There are numerous reasons that provoke the failure of loyalty programs. Many times, if the program is not structured well or customers do not see it as a valuable benefit, the chances of its failure get higher. Have a look at the most vital factors that causes the breakdown of reward points.

Mistake #1 – Erroneous Reward Selections

This is the prime that causes the failure of a loyalty program. If the terms and conditions are unclear or the program does not align with your business offerings, it will not get successful.

Often brands attempt to spice up their program by supplementing new practices and complicated conditions, but rather than causing excitement it only discourages shoppers and makes it challenging for them to join the program.

Thus, design a program that states clear requirements along with the benefits the customers will get from it. Develop loyalty schemes that add value and motivate your customers to make a purchase.

Mistake #2 – Unappealing Rewards

The second most important factor that contributes to the downfall of loyalty schemes. When the program does have tangible benefits, it will not get success in the market. Your customers should notice the values you offering to avoid the failure of the program.

Here is the list of the most common situation where loyalty programs do not succeed:
  1. The low percentage of the incentive
  2. Absence of encouragement to grow the business
  3. Unreliable objectives and deliverables
  4. Nonexistence of caps which might lead to extreme pay-out

Therefore, make your loyalty program appealing so that you can attract a number of customers to participate in loyalty schemes. Once your customers get to know about the value proportions of the loyalty program, they will drag other consumers in by word-of-mouth publicity.

Mistake #3 – Lack of Awareness

There is no point to introduce a loyalty program when customers do not know about the program at all. Usually, a loyalty program fails because of a lack of awareness. If customers do not know about the program how they are going to make the purchase? It is mandatory to inform your audience about the upcoming loyalty programs for them.

So, before implementing the tactics to begin a loyalty program, your agendas to generate awareness should be ready. According to your business type and customer preference, decide the ways to produce awareness about the program. For instance, advertising and social media posts are great ways to entice customer interest and create awareness about your loyalty program.

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Mistake #4 – Scanty Communication Management

It is one of the prime reasons for the failure of a loyalty program. Even though you have a robust plan for a loyalty program, it will not succeed if you have not communicated with potential customers. Oftentimes, merchants do not put sufficient effort to manage communication with the customer.

As a result, the program may not get the response as expected. In addition, if customers have gained reward points, you need to keep reminding them to redeem them. Otherwise, the purpose of the program may not be fulfilled.

In short, frequent communication is the key to keep reminding customers about the program and enjoying its benefits. You can effectively manage your communications agenda via sending emails, direct mail, SMS, etc. Hence, schedule the communication strategies and prepare the content to get customers maximum response.

Mistake #5 – No Emotional Connection

Last but not least, a loyalty program is far more than just the incentives and benefits you are offering to your audience. With the rewards, you are bonding a strong connection with them. The giveaways are not only goods but also they are value for your potential customers. So, if your program is not adding values, it will not last for a long time. When customers find out the valuable insights out of the loyalty rewards they emotionally get attached to your brand. Therefore, try to build an emotional connection for the success of your loyalty programs.

Here are the tips to Run an Effective Loyalty Program.

  1. Keep your loyalty program simple so that your customers can understand it easily.
  2. Keep an eye on your data to prevent fraudulent activities. If possible, set a limit on daily loyalty swipes.
  3. Do not forget to offer tangible rewards for your potential customers.
  4. A tiered program is one of the best ways to reward your best customers with greater deals.
  5. Experiment and cultivate effective promotional offers for customers.
  6. You need to remind your customers to use the earned points. Hence, send customized email/SMS messages based on buying habits.
  7. Prepare and train your staff to passionately promote the loyalty program.

If you take expert advice before introducing loyalty programs in the market, the chances of failure reduce to zero%. Besides, you should personalize your program according to your business offerings and your target audience. Customer expectations should be the focal point while forming a reward program.

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