6 Types Of Influencers For Your Brand

An influencer is someone in an industry niche with sway on the target audience. Usually, they have specialized knowledge, authority, and insight into a particular subject. Their pre-existing presence helps businesses to attract more customers and increase sales.

Influencers loyalty program can connect better with customers and influence their approach, behaviour, and shopping habit for a brand.

Hence, these days companies are connecting with the key influencers and incentivizing them for their recommendations to the target customers. The right influencer can be a game-changer as the audience take their opinions or suggestions very seriously. Further, They can easily relate the core problems of your target customers and present your product or service as one of the likely solutions. Before we understand the types of influencers, let\’s understand the benefits of collaborating with influencers that attract loyal customers.

  • Enhances brand awareness: Working with influencers gives a prompt benefit of exposure to the influencer’s existing audience.
  • Promotes your brand: Halo effect caused by influencer improves a brand image among the potential customers.
  • Strengthens trust: Customers obviously trust the views of the influencers they follow. They hold the power to instantly boost the credibility of your brand.
  • Enhances customer relationships: Establish relationships with the target customers through the intimate existing connections influencers possess with them.
  • Boost SEO: Operating with influencers allows chances for link-building. And, more links lead to boost search rankings.

Whether you want to increase customer loyalty or promote a brand influencer marketing can work absolutely. However, it is essential to choose the right type of influencers for your brand. As mentioned earlier, choosing the right influencer can change the current scenarios of business by achieving the expected outcomes. But, choosing the wrong may show adverse effects. In that case, let\’s explore the different types of influencers for a brand.

#1. Mega Influencers

Mega-influencers fall under the top-ranking category of social media influencers. They typically have more than a million followers. With a diverse audience, they have the power to catch the followers\’ interest with different topics of interest. When you need to run awareness campaigns or promote a brand, they can impact hugely. In short, they are not necessarily experts in the industry but they reach to make a significant difference for a business.

#2. Macro Influencer

These types of influencers are similar to mega influencers. But the main difference is that macro-influencers usually emanate to fame through the web, as opposed to the celebrities (mega influencers).

A wide range of personalities contributes to macro-influencers including podcasters, social media stars, influential bloggers, vloggers, and many more. Normally, their audience size comes between 1,000 to 100,000 followers. Influencing marketing with these influencers would be helpful with a specified niche in the industry.

#3. Micro-Influencer

Micro influencer\’s supporters range from 1,000 to 100,000 followers. They are most preferred and invested in influencing the audience in a specific niche. This type of influencer is valued because of their expertise on a subject. They tend to one topic and leverage their knowledge through their thought leadership. Due to this, micro-influencers are far more effective at driving the actions that a business is admiring to accomplish an influence on the marketing campaign’s goals.

#4. Advocate

As a special category of influencers, advocates are people who converse your brand positively ( through the use of a product or service ). They tend to jump into conversations about your brand to promote or defend. These types of influencers are beneficial to increase word of mouth publicity by delivering a message and driving awareness. Their positive publicity works best when you are promoting a product or services at a local level.

#5. Referrers

The Referrer is somebody that drives other people to your website, business location, or online profiles. They usually showcase solid and trusted recommendations for your product or service. Referrers only promote your brand. even if they compare with the competitors, your brand will be at the first preference. These types of influencers are similar to the lead magnets, or Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL). Their suggestions are instantly trusted, and acted upon.

#6. The Loyalist

Last but not least, the loyalist is followers, customers, or fans of your products or services. Loyalists are an asset for a business and built from persistent support from your end. As they have grown with you, they understand your brand completely. This makes it easier for promotional activities. Whether they use word of mouth or use their social networks will positively impact your business. Loyalists largely affect marketing strategies, tactics, and campaigns. And they convert a valuable and valuable addition to your business team and goals.

Despite the fact that all influencers have something beneficial to deliver, be smart to choose the right one. While you are selecting the influencers for the loyalty program, you should perform adequate research about them. Once you collect the details, then proceed further with the marketing strategies and goals in mind to increase customer loyalty.

Depending upon the industry you serve and the nature of your brand, use the appropriate influencers\’ marketing strategy. The included involvement will surely help to target more customers. Moreover, it not only brings in other loyal customers but also improves online presence, hence, search engine rankings. It means that working with influencers can benefit you in many ways; ultimately promoting a brand increases sales.