LoyaltyXpert launched a new website

LoyaltyXpert muses glad to launch its new website to enable its prospective customers to make effective use of a broad range of solutions and services. It gives you complete freedom to manage your loyalty program completely.

About LoyaltyXpert company:

LoyaltyXpert is a part of Ecosmob, a global leader in enterprise-grade VoIP technologies, software development, and excellent artificial intelligence solution providers. It is a prominent loyalty program software in India which offers unique solutions combined with high retention strategies. It guarantees an ideal mix of functionality and flexibility to handle and run your loyalty programs for small businesses.

Features and function section of LoyaltyXpert newly launched website:

LoyaltyXpert has launched a new Website with unique features and functionalities. Few of the features include:

Tenant Admin Features: 

The tenant admin is the backend feature where you can set up users in your business and allow rights to them as well as set up and handle your clients and track their activity. Few of its specialties include:

  • Product Management: Build multiple product groups, assign costs & loyalty points in just a few steps.
  • Customer Management: Create multiple consumer groups & keep a tab on customer engagement activities.
  • Role Management: Allow users to manage customers.
  • User Management: Create and control users with a feature-rich backend portal and dashboard.
  • Refer and Earn: Reward users through online referral programs.
  • SMS/Notifications: Reach out to loyalty users with just one click.
  • Loyalty and Redemption: Multiple options for Loyalty accruals and rewards managed online.
  • Rules and Promotion: Define rules, plan promotions, deploy strategies with absolute ease, and full control.

Mobile App Features:

Mobile app users can access real-time updated data concerning their loyalty account status.

  • Redemption Reports: Updated redemption history is regularly available for loyalty users using this app.
  • Loyalty Points: Real-time refresh and updates on collected loyalty points.
  • Scan QR Code: Generate your QR code for your multiple products.
  • Profile Management: Let users design and upload profiles and view current profiles.
  • Offers & Promotions: Draw particular customer groups with relevant offers and promotions.
  • KYC Details: Auto KYC through aadhaar authentication and such other third party integrations.
  • Bank Details: Users can easily add a bank of choice for receiving online redemption.

Solutions offered by LoyaltyXpert:

We are happy to launch new solutions, and our solutions include:

  • Brand Loyalty Program: Brand Loyalty lets consumers connect to your brand and make them stay faithful to the brand.
  • Channel Loyalty Program: Channel loyalty program converges on dealers, distributors, agents, and everyone else who supports to market your products. It ensures their sharp focus and engagement with your brand.
  • Customer Loyalty Program: It rewards and involves customers at different levels and earns their appreciation that alters to more sales for you.
  • Influencer Loyalty Program: Energize and track influencers who play an essential role in enhancing your brand value. Focus on influencers and have them faithful to your cause with simple influencer loyalty programs.
  • Customized Loyalty Program: It is designed for you, your business, and your preferred associates/clients.
LoyaltyXpert service verticals:

We offer solution and service in various verticals including:

  • eCommerce Loyalty Program: e-commerce loyalty programs provide you flexibility, choices, control, and ease of use in drawing & managing clients/customers.
  • FMCG Loyalty Program: It is designed to give the best against the expectation and experience of each participating user.
  • Education Loyalty Program: Our education loyalty program is about bringing the best talent to your school, be it students or faculty, and engaging them mutually through innovative programs.
  • Automotive Loyalty Program: It gives a platform to handle expectations of various channels for each segment of the automotive industry.
  • Electrical Loyalty Program: It recognizes key contributors within channel partners, wholesalers, and all influencers.
  • Paint Loyalty Program: It unifies your world of dealers, paint contractors, painters, and end-users in an exciting world that helps everyone.
  • Employee Loyalty Program: It offers you a world of productive interaction with employees. It also deals with how to stimulate them into high performing productive individuals powering your company’s growth.
  • NBFC Loyalty Program: It gives you a chart of a new course on the high seas of financial product business to get customers & engage them.

There are several other features of solutions and services launched by LoyaltyXpert. To get detailed info feel free to contact us here.