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6 Best B2B Loyalty Programs in India

From Air India to Zomato, almost all major B2C companies in India provide some kind of loyalty program for their customers. As per a study conducted by Accenture, nine out of every ten B2C companies have some type of loyalty program in place.

But when it comes to B2B companies, relatively few provide B2B loyalty programs and channel loyalty programs for their channel partners. In this blog post, we have listed the six best B2B loyalty programs in India.

1. Prince Pipes ‘Prince Udaan’ dealer loyalty program

Prince Pipes has one of the best B2B loyalty programs in India’s PVC space. The company is known for its dealer loyalty program ‘Prince Udaan,’ which allows the Mumbai-based PVC pipes and fittings maker to engage and reward its channel partners across 46,171 touch points in the country. In May 2022, Prince Udaan was awarded the best channel loyalty program at the Customer FEST event.

The company also provides a channel financing scheme, which contributes to about one-fifth to one-fourth of its total sales and supports some of its key channel partners. Apart from that, the company also provides value-added incentives to channel partners who provide value-added products and fittings such as UPVC, CPVC, HDPE, PPR, solvents, and valves. Prince Pipes also organizes one of the most successful dealers meets in the Indian PVC piping and fitting industry. It’s known as Parivaar Meet.

2. Century Ply’s ‘Royal Club’ and ‘Club One’

CenturyPly, one of the leading manufacturers of plywood, laminates, doors, and veneers in India, has two of the best channel partner loyalty programs in the country’s plywood and laminate space. The company has an elite club of channel partners named ‘Royal Club,’ which started in 2008 and is the flagship B2B loyalty program of the company. Under the program, the channel partners and their spouses travel to some of the most exotic locations around the world and get to be a part of the grand event. The company organizes the dealer meet once every two years and it felicitates its top-performing channel partners and discusses growth prospects with its trade partners.

The company also has one more channel partner loyalty program named ‘Club One.’ In it, the company takes its channel partners to different international locations for learning and development purposes. The training enables the selected channel partners to gain in-depth product information and knowledge. CenturyPly also uses partner retention loyalty incentives to keep its channel partners engaged and motivated for a long time.

3. Digisol Systems ‘Digisol Cash Karo’ loyalty program

Digisol Systems Ltd, a reputable provider of IT networking solutions, launched its Digisol Cash Karo loyalty program to increase sales and transparency with their channel trade partners, and build a relationship of trust.

By using the Digisol Cash Karo appS, Digisol’s channel partners and influencers need to scan the QR code on select Digisol products that apply to the loyalty program. Before the launch of the automated loyalty program, Digisol’s promotional schemes and programs were manual, complex, highly time-consuming, and expensive process.

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4. Berger Paints ‘Contractor eSambandh’ loyalty program

Berger Paints’s contractor eSambandh loyalty program is a comprehensive B2B loyalty program for its contractors, which consists of a wide range of benefits and incentives. The paint maker provides additional discounts and benefits as well as credit facilities for its contractors.

The company also enables its contractors to order and pay for their supplies from anywhere and the materials get delivered to the project site directly. The program also provides a high degree of price transparency, which gains contractors’ confidence.

5. Dreamwalls Paints loyalty program

When it comes to the paints and coatings space in India, Dreamwalls Paints Pvt. Ltd. has one of the best B2B loyalty programs that rivals the likes of Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Nerolac Paints, and more. The Pune-based company is one of the largest paints and coatings manufacturers in the western Indian states of Karnataka and Maharastra. It now has an easy-to-register and accessible app, which ensures easy onboarding of channel partners and painters. Its sophisticated B2B loyalty programs for various channel partners leverage data for better forecasting and business decisions. 

Apart from the registration, the mobile app helps in collecting and redeeming points and it has built-in features such as push notifications and pop-ups. It also has a reliable KYC verification process in its loyalty programs. The entire program is designed to help channel partners and painters manage their points efficiently.

6. Havells ‘Sampark and Humsafar’ loyalty programs

Havells India Limited, one of the leading electrical equipment companies in India, has two B2B loyalty programs for its channel partners and influencers. One is the Sampark Power Plus loyalty program and the other is Humsafar. The first is designed for its channel partners, contractors, and electricians. The other is exclusively designed for its influencers.

Both the B2B loyalty programs are designed to provide maximum benefits to channel partners and influencers and help them manage their loyalty points effectively. The loyalty programs are designed to empower channel partners and electricians to gain lucrative points on every purchase of Havells products. They can redeem the points on a variety of reward options. The program will also provide benefits to family members.

In conclusion

B2B loyalty programs are an effective way to build long-lasting relationships with channel partners and drive more sales and revenue. All the B2B companies featured in the list use a mix of high-quality B2B loyalty programs that make their loyalty programs the best in the country.

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