Carpenter Loyalty Program

How to Generate More Sales with a Carpenter Loyalty Program?

Every company needs the right brand ambassador to showcase its products, services, and values. For a plywood manufacturer (or a laminate or medium-density fiberboard company), an experienced and skillful carpenter is a much better influencer than any famous athlete or movie star.

When people need furnishing, they hire a carpenter to get the work done. When it comes to buying the hardware and fittings, they take the carpenter’s recommendations extremely seriously.

At LoyaltyXpert, we know the importance of carpenters and we believe that hardware brands must find out effective ways to join hands with the right carpenters to take their business to the next level. With our effective brand loyalty, channel loyalty, and influencer loyalty programs, we have strengthened the ties between hardware companies and their channel sales partners, retailers, and carpenters.

In this blog post, we have discussed the strategies using which you can team up with the right carpenters and make them your brand ambassadors.

Why do you need a good carpenter loyalty program?

If you are wondering whether or not to run an influencer loyalty program for carpenters, do consider the benefits it can provide you with:

  • High return on relationships (ROR) with carpenters
  • Access to a wide range of end-users
  • Enhanced referrals and repeat orders
  • Transform carpenters into brand ambassadors
  • Right rewards and incentives to deserving carpenters
  • Enhanced sales and revenue
  • Constant feedback and engagement

Strategies for crafting effective carpenter loyalty programs

To create an effective loyalty program for carpenters, the following steps are extremely useful: 

1. Choose the right loyalty platform

To put it mildly, crafting carpenter loyalty programs the traditional way is extremely time-consuming. Manual creation of the carpenter database, managing the excel sheets, and distributing the rewards manually is extremely inefficient. This is where the advent of sophisticated loyalty software proved to be a boon for traditional manufacturers. By leveraging a good loyalty platform, you can automate the carpenter loyalty program and provide suitable rewards on time.

When it comes to creating a successful influencer loyalty program, choosing the right loyalty provider and the right platform is extremely essential. In the market, you will get a lot of solutions providers to choose from but you must select a company that leverages sophisticated technology and has a robust track record of providing successful loyalty programs. Taking that decision will not just enable you to design highly engaging and addictive rewards but save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

2. Partner with the right carpenters 

While selecting suitable carpenters for your loyalty program, consider their experience and reputation. That will allow you to get high-quality referrals and continuous orders. After choosing the right influencers, find out ways to enroll them simply and easily.

Do keep in mind that many carpenters may not be comfortable with the complicated and lengthy registration process. That’s why you should consider using sophisticated tools to make the joining process as smooth and effortless as possible. Also, offline registration can be useful. When it comes to joining terms and conditions, make sure they are clear and easy to understand.

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3. Choose the right rewards for carpenters

When it comes to retaining your partner carpenters for a long time, choose the right rewards. Some of the best rewards and incentives are:

  • Cash rewards
  • Affiliate and referral programs
  • Reloadable cash cards
  • Tier- and point-based rewards
  • Personalized rewards
  • Bonus discounts
  • Prepaid cards
  • Insurance and health camps
  • Special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and others

4. Streamline the reward-earning process 

Various psychology studies have revealed that rewards lose their efficacy and attractiveness if they reach the recipients late. That’s why apart from handpicking the right rewards, you need to make sure that your partner carpenters get their rewards right on time. To achieve that, you need to streamline the reward-earning process. Devise a mechanism by which you can send the points easily and on time.

5. Build a community for constant engagement

Effective engagement is the key to the success of any influencer loyalty program. One of the best ways to engage with your carpenters and foster a robust relationship with them is to build a close-knit community for them. Apart from that, make sure that you entertain their feedback and respond to their queries and requests promptly. A high-quality loyalty platform can add to your community-building efforts.

6. Monitor and measure results

You need to monitor your carpenter loyalty program by using a sophisticated loyalty platform’s analytics and reporting tools. Track each carpenter’s performance to know how many of them are meeting or exceeding expected performance and how many need training and additional support to improve. While measuring the results, find out the gaps between the actual result and the desired results. In case of any discrepancy, take corrective actions to improve the results.

All in all,

If you are a plywood or laminates manufacturer, a carpenter loyalty program will enable you to join hands with the right carpenters and will give you a huge competitive advantage. At LoyaltyXpert, we create high-quality influencer loyalty programs for carpenters for all sizes of hardware brands. To know more about our loyalty solution, get a personalized demo today.