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How to Run Effective Influencer Loyalty Programs for Painters & Contractors

Would you be surprised to know that a majority of leading paint brands leverage well-designed influencer loyalty programs to attract and retain the loyalty of their influencers?

You shouldn’t be. That’s because influencer loyalty campaigns are more strategic, cost-effective, targeted, and practicable than any other advertising and marketing strategies.

Investing in influencer loyalty programs for painters and paint contractors is one of the most effective ways to remain competitive and build a strong brand identity in a highly consolidated market, in which only a handful of players command a majority of the market share.

At LoyaltyXpert, we have crafted tailored and successful influencer loyalty programs for many types of businesses, which also include paint companies. In this blog post, we discuss the steps to implement an effective influencer loyalty program for painters and paint contractors.

1. Look for skillful and reputable painters and contractors and turn them into influencers

Some painters are the masters of their craft and they enjoy decent clout and popularity in their locality. Likewise, some contractors are more reputable than others. It’s not uncommon for some painters and contractors to have a sizable following both on social media and beyond.

To implement an effective influencer loyalty program, choose painters and contractors who are skillful, reputable, and enjoy a decent following. When such professionals agree to become influencers, they are more likely to attract more customers and provide huge value to your business.

2. Choose the right loyalty platform

When it comes to running an influencer program, choosing the right solution provider can mean the difference between success and failure. A sophisticated and reliable loyalty platform can take your influencer program for painters and paint contractors to new heights.

An advanced loyalty program is easy to manage and monitor. If it’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI), then it can automate many repetitive activities as well as generate analytics and reports, which will help in making data-driven decisions. A high-quality platform also comes with timely support services.

3. Make the joining and registration process easy

More often than not, the painters and paint contractors in the paint industry may not be acquainted with complex registration processes. They may hesitate to join and enroll in an influencer loyalty program if it’s too complicated.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, make the registration process extremely simple and easy. Just take the necessary information and personal details. If possible, collect their social credentials. In addition to that, be transparent with the terms and conditions and make the incentives, rewards, membership process, and other details extremely clear.

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4. Create an attractive compensation system

When it comes to motivating key influencers to participate in your loyalty program, creating lucrative compensation can go a long way to making your program a success.

There are several ways to compensate painters and contractors to take part in your influencer loyalty program. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Cash rewards: Cash rewards can motivate both painters and contractors as well as retain their loyalty for a long time.
  2. Personalized gifts and rewards: Tailored and customized gifts and rewards can create a favorable impression of your brand in the minds of your influencers and help you build a strong brand connection and association
  3. Influencer loyalty tier system: In the tiered-based loyalty membership, painters and contractors accumulate points as per their performance, which helps them to become members of different tiers. For example, the tiers can range from bronze and silver to gold, platinum, and diamond.
  4. Skill-based training: This reward is extremely valuable for painters as it will help them enhance their painting skills. The certification of completion will give them extra influence and clout and will enhance their reputation even further. After completing the training, they can work on some special projects.
  5. Higher discounts on tools and paint products: This incentive can provide huge value to painters and paint contractors when they get the opportunity to purchase tools and paint products at higher discounts.
  6. Opportunity to participate in conferences: When painters and influencers get the opportunity to participate in conferences, they will get to know more about your brand and connect with it better.
  7. Giveaways: Giveaways are also beneficial for new or targeted influencers with whom you want to build associations. Apart from giveaways, you can send free samples of your latest products and ask for their feedback.
  8. Affiliate and referral programs: These are also useful to enable your influencers to refer your brand and products as well as share affiliate links on their social media.
  9. Insurance: In this incentive, painters and contractors will get life coverage as well as coverage for their medical expenses, treatment costs, and doctor visits.
  10. Annual health checkup: It can also be beneficial for influencers, who will get a free annual health checkup.

5. Streamline the reward-earning process

After choosing the right incentives and rewards, it is time to streamline the point-earning process. Make it easy for painters and contractors to receive the appropriate points and rewards whenever they complete a transaction or take a desired action.

When they get the incentives and points on time, it gives them immediate gratification, or delights them, and reinforces their positive behaviour.

6. Engage with your influencers

To ensure the success of your influencer loyalty program, engage with all your painters and contractors and encourage them to share their experiences with your brand. Create a community to facilitate seamless communication.

Another benefit of regular engagement is that painters and contractors can spread the word on new promotions, and product launches, as well as guide the end-users. It will keep the influencers motivated and will keep the feedback loop open.

7. Track the results and take corrective actions

When it comes to creating a robust influencer loyalty program, monitor the results and track the conversions. A sophisticated loyalty platform will enable you to do just that. Also, find out which influencers are performing the best and who should improve their performance.

After monitoring the results, find out the areas of improvement and take necessary actions to enhance the outcomes.

All in all,

Implementing influencer loyalty programs for painters and contractors is crucial for paint companies that aim to stay competitive and create a distinct brand aura. At LoyaltyXpert, we create advanced paint loyalty programs that are agile to manage and easy to monitor. If you want to run high-quality influencer loyalty programs, then contact us to know how we can help.