Reasons Paint Manufacturers Should Invest in the Influencer Loyalty Program

You may produce a multitude of high-quality paints in your factory and stock the most vibrant hues in your warehouse, but the lack of a strong influencer loyalty program can make it difficult to achieve the projected sales and revenue.

If you are a manufacturer or a dealer of paint products you would want your target customers to love your paints and use them to adorn their walls and ceilings. But the challenge is, no matter how brilliant your colors are, they won’t sell by themselves.

You either have to rely on traditional advertising and marketing or leverage the authority and experience of key influencers in the paint industry. The former is expensive and time-consuming, while the latter is extremely feasible and effective.

By investing in robust influencer loyalty programs, you can spread positive word-of-mouth about your brand and products as well as register or exceed expected volumes.

If you are considering reinforcing influencer loyalty in your paint business, we at LoyaltyXpert can help you realize just that. Over the years, we have created various types of tailored influencer loyalty programs for different types of businesses. We also created many successful personalized loyalty programs for paint makers and distributors to retain their influencers.

In this blog post, we have discussed the key influencers in the paint industry, the factors affecting loyalty, why to invest in an influencer loyalty program, and the best practices. Read on to know every key detail about influencer loyalty programs in the paint business.

Who are the influencers in the paint industry and why?

Painters are the major influencers in the paint industry. That’s because they buy paints and related products from retailers. They also play a huge role in influencing the purchase decision of end users.Retailers are the second most important influencers in the paint industry as they play a key role in buying paints from dealers and contractors. 

Factors influencing loyalty in the paint industry

The paint industry has evolved a lot and the influencers in the business have come a long way. The loyalty of key influencers, which was mostly dictated by the products’ prices and financial decisions in the past, is now influenced by several other factors. Here are some of those.

  1. Interpersonal relationships: The relationship between manufacturers or sales channel partners and retailers or painters is an extremely important factor in the paint industry today. If the communication and trust between the parties are strong, then their association will be longstanding and extremely rewarding.
  2. Training and skilling opportunities: In the present time, both painters and multi-brand retailers value training and skilling opportunities as they enable them to grow with a brand and remain consistent in their performance.
  3. Gifts and rewards: No matter how much the times change, gifts and rewards won’t lose their sheen. They remain one of the most powerful loyalty influencers in the paint industry.

Why invest in influencer loyalty programs in the paint business?

Investing in influencer loyalty programs in the paint business makes a lot of sense in the present times. Paint makers and dealers should leverage loyalty programs for influencers to:

Sell more paint products

Paint makers and distributors who invest in painter and retailer loyalty programs sell more paint products than their competitors who don’t invest in influencer loyalty programs. The special benefits, incentives, and rewards motivate influencers in the industry to spread the good word about a brand and generate huge interest among end users.

Retain more customers

By using the right influencer loyalty programs, you can retain over 85 percent of painters and retailers as well as encourage them to influence the purchasing decisions of end users. When the influencers are driven to promote a paint brand, the enhanced customer retention is a natural by-product.

Build extraordinary understanding and long-lasting relationships with painters and multi-brand retailers

An influencer loyalty program will help you build extraordinary understanding with the painters and retailers in your network. By leveraging the right incentives and rewards, you can build longstanding relationships with painters and multi-brand retailers.

Enhance customer lifetime value

By selecting the right influencer loyalty program platform, you can enhance your customer lifetime value, which tracks what a particular customer is worth to your business at present and how valuable is the long-term relationship with the customer.

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Some effective loyalty incentives and rewards for influencers in the paint industry

When it comes to motivating influencers in the paint industry and rewarding them for their loyalty, there are many effective incentives and rewards. Here are some of them.

  1. Cash rewards: One of the most conventional and effective loyalty incentives of all time, it never goes out of fashion. An adequate cash reward can motivate influencers and retain their loyalty for a long time.
  2. Personalized gifts and rewards: This can be even more enticing and lucrative than cash rewards as well as help you to build strong brand connections and associations with your influencers.
  3. Tiered-based membership: In this, influencers can become members of various tiers as per the points they accumulate. For instance, the influencers with the minimum points are silver members, while those with higher points gain access to gold, platinum, and diamond memberships.
  4. Point-based reward: This is similar to the tiered-based membership but the only difference is that instead of various tiers, influencers will get reward points on every purchase of paints.
  5. Skill-based training: This incentive is particularly valuable for painters who will get intensive training to enhance their painting skills. After completing the training, the certifications would show the painters are skillful and trained. They can also get some special opportunities to work on some exclusive projects.
  6. Opportunity to buy tools at reasonable prices: This is also another useful incentive for painters who get the opportunity from paint manufacturers to purchase painting tools and products at extremely affordable and reasonable prices.
  7. Annual health checkup: This incentive is also more beneficial for painters as they will qualify for a yearly health checkup and that will give them an idea about their overall fitness.
  8. Insurance: This non-cash incentive is also practical for select influencers as they will get coverage for their medical expenses, doctor visits, treatment costs, and life coverage.
  9. Opportunity to participate in conferences: Providing influencers with the opportunity to participate in conferences is also a great way to enhance their awareness of your brand and build stronger relationships with them.

Best practices for crafting effective influencer loyalty programs

To create an effective influencer loyalty program for the paint industry, you need to take care of a few things to ensure its efficacy and success. Here are a few things to keep in mind while designing an influencer loyalty program.

  1. Easy registration: Generally, the parties involved in the paint industry aren’t extremely conversant with complex technologies. That’s why it’s extremely necessary to make the registration process extremely simple as well as the process to pass on the loyalty benefits. Make sure that the registration process is easy to enable the influencers to join the program without a glitch. Apart from that, make the terms and conditions crystal clear and focus on transparency to win trust.
  2. Customized rewards and incentives: The influencers in the painting industry come with their uniqueness. Being extremely creative and imaginative, the painters have a unique personality and drive. When crafting loyalty programs for them, make sure to keep their individuality in mind and personalize the rewards accordingly.
  3. Use a sophisticated and trustworthy platform to craft your program: When it comes to crafting an effective influencer loyalty program, make sure the platform and the software you choose are advanced, sophisticated, and reliable to meet your needs and specifications.
By and large,

Influencers in the paint industry i.e. painters and multi-brand retailers can be instrumental in the success of a paint maker’s or dealer’s business. At LoyaltyXpert, we have crafted many successful and effective influencer loyalty programs for paint manufacturers and dealers to retain their influencers for a long time. If you want to have a robust influencer loyalty program for your paint business, contact us today.