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Top 5 Features of Enterprise Loyalty Programs That Businesses Must Look For

To maintain a steady position in today’s tough competitive marketplace, enterprises must ensure a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. A well-strategized loyalty program can help enterprises achieve their goal of offering flawless customer experience across multiple channels. In this blog, you will learn about an Enterprise Loyalty Program and how loyalty program software can help businesses stay ahead of their competitors.

About the Enterprise Loyalty Program

An enterprise loyalty program is designed to deliver a unified loyalty experience across multiple subsidiaries. With the help of enterprise-grade loyalty programs, enterprises can extend their reach to multiple geographies. Usually, a loyalty program consists of various unique and advanced features like:

  • Omni channel loyalty marketing
  • Gamification
  • Hybrid-style program structures
  • Ability to reward lifestyle and activities

These features help large enterprises with a large base of customers across different countries to facilitate seamless customer experience across multiple channels.

Enterprise loyalty program features

Enterprise-grade loyalty programs usually involve full-fledged marketing plans with branded empirical rewards, partnership rewards, loyalty apps, VIP tiers, SMS implementation, badges and challenges, and much more. The key thing that makes enterprise loyalty programs different from small brand loyalty programs is the technology. Some of the key features that businesses must look for when designing an enterprise loyalty program include:

#1. API-centric approach:

Also known as headless commerce, the API-centric approach is a technological transformation in an e-commerce application. This transformation generally results in the division of the front end and the back end. This app-based link helps the company database to communicate effortlessly with the loyalty program provider. The API-centric approach helps in simplifying various key processes running within a large enterprise. It allows enterprises to organize and streamline their data communication effectively. Besides, these loyalty programs provide better flexibility, especially when it’s about personalizing the customer experience. In simple words, the API-centric or headless commerce approach makes quicker and more cost-effective development of loyalty programs.

#2. Omnichannel strategy:

Omnichannel strategy is an essential feature that assures a unified experience. Whether a small business or large enterprise, executing brand-specific touchpoints for online, offline, and mobile has become a requisite for all brands. Well-strategized enterprise loyalty programs can enhance an omnichannel marketing strategy on diverse levels by allowing:

  • Better data-driven communication: It lets businesses collect and store customer data from all three channels, including online, offline, and mobile, in a single customer view. This data can be utilized to perk up segmentation and create personalization.
  • Flawless customer journey: An omnichannel strategy generally comprises advanced technologies like beacons and NFC, card linking, etc.; it allows customers to switch from one channel to another easily.
  • Improved brand awareness: The omnichannel strategy allows customer loyalty to earn points online and redeem those points for in-store rewards as per their choice.

#3. Access to multiple geographies:

This is another key characteristic of an enterprise loyalty program that allows businesses an easy expansion in multiple geographies by using multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-country. Access to multiple geographies allows businesses to engage a large number of customers. For better engagement, it is essential to design a reward loyalty program in:

  • Multiple currencies: The feature helps to calculate the number of points that a member can earn by using a particular currency.
  • Multiple languages: When rules and rewards are explained in the native language of customers, the chances are great that they will participate in the loyalty program as they will feel more valued.
  • Multiple countries: Multiple countries feature combines both multiple currencies as well as multiple languages. Businesses can use these things to create personalized rewards. A multi-country enterprise loyalty program is designed keeping in mind that customers don’t always stay in one place.

#4. Smooth campaigns with no code management:

No code management feature allows easy and smooth running of campaigns. Opting for a loyalty technology vendor that provides a no-code platform allows businesses:

  • To run their loyalty programs without taking help from the IT department
  • To plan different ideas for creating unique reward campaigns

In simple words, no code management platform makes it easier for businesses to fine-tune their program after launch. They can also reduce their maintenance and implementation costs greatly. Moreover, new processes can be integrated easily and effectively with the platform.

#5. Access control:

Having a loyalty platform with access control helps businesses allow different groups or departments to interact with the program in several ways easily. Access control is a fantastic feature that lets businesses create localized campaigns and rewards for each country’s division. It is easier to localize the campaigns as each country\’s general rules, design, and mechanics will remain the same. Only the language, currency, and rewards will be different. In addition, the access control feature allows upper-level management to maintain complete control over the loyalty program. They can review the progress and content of each campaign and alter access control and power for individual departments as and when required.


If you are looking forward to implementing an enterprise loyalty program or converting your existing program into one, you must choose a professional loyalty program provider carefully. The provider must ensure that the latest technologies are being used to make a loyalty program flexible enough to utilize multiple regional administrators.

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