Influencer Loyalty Program

How to Make Plumbers Your Brand Ambassadors and Drive More Sales?

Did you know that 84% of plumbers are more likely to remain with a plumbing fixture brand that runs well-designed influencer loyalty programs? As per the same study, nearly two-thirds of plumbers say that their reward-earning capability plays a huge role in shaping their buying decisions. These two stats highlight why plumbing brands should leverage effective plumber loyalty programs.

At LoyaltyXpert, we believe that plumbers are the most important brand ambassadors for plumbing fixture manufacturers. We have a proven track record of designing successful brand loyalty, channel loyalty, and influencer loyalty programs for plumbing brands and helping them forge strong ties with their contractors, channel partners, and plumbers.

As a plumbing equipment manufacturer, you can take your brand to the next level by running a well-designed influencer loyalty program for plumbers. In this blog post, we have detailed five effective strategies that will help you to team up with the right plumbers and make them your brand ambassadors.

1. Handpick a reliable and sophisticated loyalty platform

Before the advent of loyalty solutions, designing a successful loyalty program took a lot of time and effort from the marketing team. Managing the Excel sheets, coupon-based rewards, and plumber database was inefficient. But sophisticated loyalty software and platforms revolutionized the way brands provided loyalty rewards to plumbers and managed the programs.

When it comes to creating a successful influencer loyalty program, choosing the right loyalty platform and the right solution provider can make all the difference. Of all the loyalty solution providers out there, choose the one that has robust technology and a strong track record of creating effective reward programs. By using an advanced loyalty platform, you will not only craft highly personalized rewards but also digitize all loyalty data and generate reports.

2. Team up with the right plumbers and provide them with effective training

Not all plumbers are created equal. Some are more experienced and skilful than others, due to which they are more influential and enjoy a wider customer base. When their customers need any plumbing equipment, they buy only after consulting with them. You need to select the right plumbers who can create a great synergy with your brand and provide you with high-quality referrals. Enrol them into your influencer program through local meets and offline methods as it will result in better engagement and create a strong rapport. Make the terms and conditions extremely transparent and leave no room for ambiguity. Communicate your expectations with them.

After that, train them effectively in such a way that they know everything about your brand. Educate them about your plumbing products and equipment and highlight the benefits they can provide to the end customers. While providing training, make it less feature-centric and more benefit-centric.

3. Craft personalized loyalty programs and tailor the rewards

Even after joining hands with the most competent and experienced plumbers, you will find that they are so different from each other. Now, when the influencers are so different from each other how can the rewards be the same? That’s why it’s extremely crucial to create personalized loyalty programs and give the right rewards to the right influencers. Some suitable rewards are:

  • Cash rewards
  • Tier- and point-based rewards
  • Prepaid and reloadable cash cards
  • Affiliate and referral programs
  • Bonus discounts on plumbing products and equipment
  • Insurance and health camps

After creating a list of rewards, recognize the best-performing plumbers, and the most consistently performing ones, and provide them with suitable rewards. Mix and match the rewards to create maximum satisfaction and reinforce their loyalty.

4. Focus on effective communication and engagement

Communication and engagement is the keystone of effective loyalty programs. After personalizing rewards for your influencer plumbers, make sure that your team is ready to handle all their queries and feedback. Apart from using telephone and SMS, connect with your influencers through the loyalty platform. Create a community for your influencer plumbers to keep them engaged with your brand. Build strong connections with them by wishing them on important days.

5. Assess the loyalty program’s performance and take the necessary steps

Last but not least, you will have to assess the performance of your plumber loyalty program and track all the metrics to determine if the results match the desired outcome or not. This is where a sophisticated loyalty program can provide you with real-time analytics and provide key insights. If the gap between the actual results and the projected outcome is high, then find out the problems and the ways to deal with them.

Taking everything into account,

If you are a plumbing fixture brand, then an influencer loyalty program for plumbers will help you partner with the right influencers in the plumbing industry. At LoyaltyXpert, we can help you create successful plumber loyalty programs and drive more retention and sales. To know how we can do that, contact us today.